Dynamic Glass

The intelligent glazing, an important choice!

SageGlass – Saint-Gobain does not just embellish buildings; it offers a new approach for the building envelope. Thanks to this electrochromic glass that can adjust the tint automatically or on demand, because now the conception of the traditional façade is in full revolution and all this by improving le living environment of people.

This dynamic glass allows building owners to reduce their cost, to increase their energetic efficiency and to enhance the comfort of the occupants. Although, the benefits of SageGlass doesn’t stop here!


SageGlass® Clear w/SR2.0 %Tvis %Rf Ext. %Rb Int. %Tsol SHGC U-factor %Tuv %Tdw-K
Clear State 60 16 14 33 0.41 0.28 0 15
Intermediate State 1 18 10 9 7 0.15 0.28 0 5
Intermediate State 2 6 10 9 2 0.10 0.28 0 2
Fully Tinted 1 11 9 0.4 0.09 0.28 0 0.6


Visible Light
Transmission (Tvis)
Solar Heat Gain
Coefficient (SHGC)
UV Transmission Fading Protection*
SageGlass Performance
(clear – fully tinted)
60% – 1% 0.41 – 0.09 0.4% – 0% 15% – 0.6%
The SageGlass Difference SageGlass provides
control over a wide
range of solar
conditions, while static
glazing is optimal
for only one.
SageGlass offers
the ability to tint
or clear, harvesting
or rejecting the sun’s
heat as needed.
SageGlass has a
maximum UV
transmission that is
lower than the minimum
UV transmission of
static clear low-e glass.
SageGlass enables
nearly 100% fading
protection, with a low
end that far exceeds
the maximum of
conventional glass

*KDF measures the amount of the sun’s radiation transmitted through the glazing that causes fading. Fading protection is 1 – KDF.
The above data is based on 1” (25 mm) argon-filled IGU, calculated using Window 6.3.

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